Pixelate! 3.0 has a redesigned UI and updated functionality focusing on helping its users paint their house. With Pixelate! 3.0, we have completely removed the guess work of how any color would look on your walls. You can now pick a paint color from paint companies all over the world and visualize any color within seconds. 

With Pixelate! 3.0, you can Create Projects and Save your work so you can get back to it any time. You can create a list of Favorite Colors so you can easily and quickly paint your walls again. You can even share your photos and the color information with the click of a button.

Pixelate! helps you pick the perfect color(s) for your house by helping you visualize how any color would look on your wall, without even lifting a paint brush. With its new functionality, you can not only paint your walls, but also try out different colors on your clothes, furniture, car, or anything else you would like to see in a different color.

It is as simple as taking a photo of the room you want to paint, selecting the area you want to paint, and painting it with the color of your choice. You can pick a color from a photo, included color matrix or purchase paint palettes of paint company of your choice. With its unique ability, Pixelate! 3.0's advanced algorithm will make your walls, painted with colors of you choice, so realistic, you'd wish painting was that quick and easy and within seconds you'll discover how magenta overwhelms the room or that sage is exactly the look you want.

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Tech Crunch - "While its not magic, it’s close to it. The app, which is yet another step towards the future"

Gizmodo - "It looks like a neat tool to re-envision things you encounter in your daily life"

MacWorld (Middle East) - Pixelate!, App of the Day: "Simply put, this is one of those apps that just drops your jaw once you see it at work"